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Welcome to Hamm!

SRH University Hamm has specialized in sectors with outstanding career perspectives - general management, energy management, logistics management and social work.

Excellence in Education SRH University of Applied Sciences

Academic programmes include Bachelor‘s degrees in industrial engineering, logistics and the energy industry; these degrees can be completed as classroom-based and distance-learning programmes as well as under the dual professional education system. In addition, it offers an on-site degree programme in business administration as well as Master‘s degree programmes in logistics management, energy managment, supply chain management and business administration. Hands-on professional training makes up a large portion of the degree programmes. Students are integrated into research projects in the industry and at businesses to ensure high levels of practical professional competence. The research cluster at this university focuses on the fields of green logistics and supply chain management.

The City of Hamm

Hamm is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the northeastern part of the Ruhr area. Its population is nearly 180,000.

Hamm is linked to two of the main motorways in Germany: The Bundesautobahn 1 & 2. Hamm`s main station is one of the biggest railway hubs in Germany, connected with one of the greatest marshalling yards of Europe, the latter now only partly operating. The city bus net Hamm is served by the „Stadtwerke Hamm“, with 65 buses, and the „Verkehrsgesellschaft Breitenbach“. A regional bus service is served by different companies and both nets serve the central bus station, which is situated in front of the main railway station in the centre of Hamm. Hamm is part of the Verkehrsgemeinschaft Ruhr-Lippe. About 12 million people are using the bus net every year, transported by 50 bus lines with 500 bus stops within the city. Hamm is a young, creative university town and logistics hub located in Germany‘s Ruhr district and offers all the advantages of a metropolitan region.

Proven Quality Standards

The state recognition

Since 2001, the Scientific Council performs the institutional accreditation of non-state universities. It is a process of quality assurance. It should clarify whether a non-governmental higher education institution is able to guarantee a level of teaching and research as it corresponds to recognized scientific standards. The aim of the process is to ensure the scientific performance of a higher education institution. With the government recognizing the SRH Hochschule Hamm from Nordrhein-Westfalen Ministry transferred all competences that have also State colleges. Thus, any academic degrees of SRH Hochschule Hamm are completely equivalent to state universities.

The scientific accreditation

The university itself got the scientific accreditation and all courses at the SRH University Hamm have been accredited by the accreditation agencies AQAS , AH PGS and ZEVA and thus carry the quality seal of the German Accreditation Council. Accreditation ensures adherence to predefined quality criteria. Our students can be sure that our courses are relevant at a high academic level on the market. 

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Haridass Pälmke

Prof. Dr. Haridass Pälmke

Professor Logistik

Professor for Intercultural Competences
Director of International Office

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59065 Hamm
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