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Studium Bachelor Supply Chain Management (engl.) - fulltime

Full time English language

Supply Chain Management (B.Sc.)

Supply Chain Management full-time

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Ihr Ansprechpartner für Studiengänge

Gerd Wintermeyer

Take your bachelor's degree in the future

Would you like to move the world? Would you like to ensure that the right product arrives in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right location to right person? Are you interested to learn how to steer time schedules, budgets, deliveries and how to coordinate projects and project portfolios to become more profitable? - Then this bachelor's degree program is just right for you.

* is currently in the process of gaining accreditation.

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Ihr Ansprechpartner für Studiengänge

Gerd Wintermeyer

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Abschluss Bachelor of Science
Credit Points

180 CP


6 semester (3 years)


winter semester, 1st September

Studienmodell Full time

• General university entrance qualification or
• University of applied sciences entrance qualification
• or Extended university entrance qualification effective in North Rhine-Westphalia
• For Foreign applicants: university entrance qualification or equivalent

Additionally, we require proof of proficiency in English (for example, a TOEFL-level of 600 (pbT) / 80 (ibT), IELTS-level of 6.5 or an equivalent certification). No test required for students from countries with English as the offical language in education.

Sprachen Englisch
Enrolment fee

680 € per month + one-time registration fee of 480 €.

Please note: Non EU-citizens will be asked to pay the full amount of the tuition fee in advance.


Our bachelor program in Supply Chain Management is currently in the process of gaining accreditation.

Special feature

CORE - Competence, Oriented, Research and Education

The CORE principle is characterized by active learning methods that promote independent and project-based learning. Beside expert knowledge in their field of study, our students also develop comprehensive methodological, social and personal skills - everything they need for the working world.

Inhalte, Ziele und Ablauf des Studiums

Move the world

Do you want to be part of a dynamic and growing industry? An industry which needs about 15.000 executives per year? The study programm Bachelor of Supply Chain Management consists of three main components: Business Administration, Engineering and Information Technology.

Our study programm Bachelor of Supply Chain Management introduces you to all parts of logistics. The different logistical functions within a company, the industry-specific requirements of logistics and modern logistic technologies will be an important part of your study.


You will learn to analyse, plan and control all inner-company logistic processes considering quality standards. You will earn the ability to automate the company´s processes through specification, selection and implementation of important information- and communication technologies. Furthermore you will learn profound management skills to steer and structure a modern logistic company.Additional important themes are:

  • Elements of digitalisation are for example part of lectures of informatics, e-Business, SAP and of “programming and IT-projects”
  • You will learn Management competencies and important Entrepreneuship-know-how in courses with themes as leading and planning a company or human resource management
  • We encourage soft skills and personality development through lectures in self-management, presentation techniques and academic working


Classroom lectures are held on the SRH campus Hamm. The program runs for 6 semesters, equalling a study period of three years. Our students deal intensively with a practical question over a five-week period and take a maximum of two subjects per 5-week block. Learning objectives, course contents and exams are aligned. Our competence-based exams are written at the end of each 5-week block (eight to nine times a year). Through regular testing, our students get continuous feedback on their performance and do not need to learn for multiple exams. In this manner teaching and learning content is conveyed very effectively - and stays in mind. The 6th semester is the final practical semester where students write their final (bachelor) thesis in a company. As this practical phase is scheduled at the end of your study, you will profit from the resulting intensive contacts to companies and future employers – an important step for your successful entry into your career. This six-semester-study Bachelor of Supply Chain Management concludes into the academic title 'Bachelor of Science'.

Your bachelor program - divided into modules*

1. Semester
Block 1: Business Concept
Intercultural Compentences4
Introduction in Business Administration (Creating a Business Plan)2
Introduction in Logistics 2
Block 2: The Market
Mathematics I2
Statistics I2
Block 3: Value Creation
Production Management3
Physical Distribution2
Mathematics II2
Credit Points per semester30
2. Semester
Block 4: Marketing
Marketing & Sales6
Statistics II4
Block 5: Financial Planning I
Investment & Financing2
Cost & Performance Accounting2
External Accounting2
Mathematics III4
Block 6: From Theory into Practice
Academic Work & Presentation Techniques2
Project Management2
Quality Management2
Project Seminar I4
Credit Points per semester30
3. Semester
Block 7: Legal Basics
Public Law3
Private Economic & Commercial Law3
hazardous Goods & Substances4
Block 8: Information Technology
Introduction in Computer Science3
Application Oriented Data Processing3
Programming & IT-Projects3
Physics I (Mechanic)2
Block 9: Company Organisation
Human Resources & Organisation4
Business Management & Planning I2
Credit Points per semester30
4. Semester
Block 10: Process Design
Quantitative Methods of Economic Science2
Introduction of ERP-Systems2
Application of ERP-Systems4
Physics II (Introduction of Magnetism & Optics)6
Block 11: Process Handling
Material Flow Accounting & Simulation 4
Internal Material Flow4
Machine Elements2
Block 12: Best Practice
Human Resources Management4
Project Seminar II6
Credit Points per semester30
5. Semester
Block 13: Creation of Internal Value
Planning of Logistic Systems5
Production Scheduling3
Goods Flow Control2
Block 14: Creation of External Value
Traffic & Transit Systems5
Supply Chain Strategies5
Block 15: Progression
Steering & Automation Technology4
Picking System 6
Credit Points per semester30
6. Semester
Block 16 - 17: Practical Experience
Block 18 - 19: Realisation
Bachelor's thesis incl. colloquium 16
Credit Points per semester

 * Subject to modifications. Errors and omissions excepted.




Karriere, Perspektiven

In the study program Bachelor of Supply Chain Management we specifically prepare you for the entry into your career. This is made possible through our training staff and teachers, who provide their long time experiences of working in the economic system to you. Like this, you do not learn outdated theoretical knowledge, but a state-of-the-art Know-how that is always right at the pulse of the time

Logistics experts can be found in nearly every part of a company. Key words such as marketing-logistics, disposal-logistics and hospital-logistics show, that this industry is in a process of continuous change and development.

Our students perform specific projects under real working conditions, which also helps them to evolve their personality. The projects often take place in cooperation with an industry partner.

Many different industries ask for our Bachelors of Supply Chain Management:

• Forwarding agencies
• Logistic-contractors
• Business consultancies
• Organizations
• IT-contractors/software-companies
• Trading companies Providers of infrastructure (for example airport- or container operators)
• and many more


Application is fast and easy using our online application website

If you are linked to our German application website, please click on the button ‚English‘, which you can find on the right corner of your screen to switch to English language.

Once you logged in, you can conveniently enter your data and upload certificates and other documents. Please note that the final enrolment is subject to the following condition: All the records and certificates have been received by the university and the tuition fees have been fully paid in advance.

There is no deadline for enrolment. You have the choice to apply whenever you want. But to guarantee you a smooth process, we highly suggest you to apply as soon as possible.
Please note: The application deadline for students needing a VISA is 15th of July (winter semester).

Fragen zum Studiengang? Sprechen Sie uns an.

Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Gerd Wintermeyer

Professor technology and economy

Professor for logistics
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
59065 Hamm
Telefon +49 2381 9291-161 E-Mail schreiben

Head of International Office

Prof. Dr. Arno Lammerts

Professor technology and economy

Head of International Office
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
59065 Hamm
Telefon +49 2381 9291-164 E-Mail schreiben

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