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Studium Master International Business and Engineering

International Business and Engineering (M.Eng.)
Full time

International Business and Engineering (M.Eng.) Full time

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Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für Studiengänge

Laura Isenbeck (M.Sc.)

Regenerative energy systems are part of our future. This ranges from building plants and systems to business consulting services and sales. Sustainability and energy efficiency aren´t limited to the energy sector - the use of technologies also requires a holistic perspective.


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Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für Studiengänge

Laura Isenbeck (M.Sc.)

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Abschluss Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)
Credit Points

90/ 120 (with preliminary course)


18 months/24 months (with preliminary course)


annually, starting 1st October and 1st April

Studienmodell Full time

Entrance requirements

For your start in the master program 'International Business and Engineering' at the SRH University, you have to possess a formal university degree (Bachelor, Diploma or Masters) in the Department of Engineering or Industrial Engineering with a final grade of at least 2.5.

In addition to that a good knowledge of english language at a TOEFL-Level of 600 (pbT) / 80 (ibT), or equivalent language test to prove (TOEFL code of SRH: 7712) is required.

A degree in the Department of Industrial Engineering qualify you to primary entrance to the master program. Upon completion of technical studies a non-consecutive entry is possible. In this case a participation in a pre-course (duration: one semester) is mandatory.

A business preliminary course for engineering enable you to enter the master program 'International Business and Engineering'.

Sprachen Englisch
Enrollment fee

670 € per month + nonrecurring fee for registration of 650 €. 

Special feature

CORE - Competence, Oriented, Research and Education

Inhalte, Ziele und Ablauf des Studiums

Energy of the future – well positioned!

Our master program in 'International Business and Engineering' will enable you to develop solutions, approaches as well as to understand the connection between business, technical thinking and philosophies. Moreover you will shape your understanding of macroeconomics and develop you intercultural skills further.

Master 'International Business & Engineering' with pre-courses (120 CPs)

Graduates of engineering sciences start with a preliminary course in business studies. They have to pass the preliminary courses to enter the regular master program. The duration of the preliminary course adds up to one semester.

Preliminary course business studies:

  • Module 1+2: Business Essentials I
    • Courses: Business Theory & Research, Business Law, Market Analysis, Business Startup, Marketing & Sales, Project I
  • Module 3+4: Business Essentials II
    • Courses: Accounting, Human Resources, Investment & Finance, Mathematics, Business Management, Project II, Language

Our academic year is divided into eight 5-week-blocks. For the entire duration of study, these blocks build on one another and regard to content. Studies begin with a 14-days introductory module. Targeted learning is on offer from day one with a university-wide preparatory phase to acquire basic study skills.

Your master program - divided into modules

Year 1
01 Environmental Engineering8
02 Strategic Management8
03 Risk Management 8
04 Energy I8
05 Product Lifecycle Management 8
06 Energy II8
07 International Markets 8
08 Electives + Language8
Year 2
09 Master-Thesis 26
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Energy of the future – well positioned!

Following successful completion of the master program you can take over responsible management tasks in the field of technical and economic development.

Due to your qualifications in two developing strong industries, you have many possibilities regarding your future career. Your flexible professional profile is rounded off by good language skills as well as experience in national and international operating contexts. In an increasingly globalized working world you are able to evaluate sustainable technical projects according to business standards.

After having successfully completed the master program you are entitled to start a PhD program.



The profile of our study program is unique in Germany. The contents of the study are based on current and future needs of fast growing industries and the labor market. Depending on your academic background the duration of study varies accordingly:

  • Graduates of engineering sciences: 4 semesters (including preliminary course in business studies)
  • Graduates of industrial engineering and management: 3 semester
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How it works

For more information in terms of the master program 'International Business and Engineering' please visit the homepage: https://www.hochschule-heidelberg.de/de/studium/master/international-business-and-engineering/

Enrollment via SRH Heidelberg. Study-locations: Hamm (Germany) or Heidelberg (Germany).

Please note: APPLY HERE and NOT via the blue button.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Isenbeck, Laura

Drexler, Sarah, guidance for Heidelberg

Wilke, Claus

Seidel, Torsten, guidance for Heidelberg

Pälmke, Haridass

Fragen zum Studiengang? Sprechen Sie uns an.

Personal guidance

Laura Isenbeck (M.Sc.)

Dozentin Management

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin mit Schwerpunkt Lehre
Assistant professor for management

Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
59065 Hamm
Telefon +49 2381 9291-145
Telefax +49 2381 9291-199
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