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Academics Business Management - B.Sc.

Full time Start WS | Hamm or Leverkusen

Business Management (B.Sc.)

Business Management (B.Sc.) full-time

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Sarah Grenzler (M.A.)

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Subject Knowledge and Managerial Skills

The general career preparation courses offered to students in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Management at SRH University Hamm are designed to help prepare students for a successful career start. Students will learn how to put the professional knowledge they have acquired to use in solving complex problems.

During the course of the degree programme, students will be taught core theories, principles, and methods, and will then apply them to real-world situations. They will analyse, structure, and solve problems as well as independently develop and communicate concepts and arguments.



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Your contact for this study programme

Sarah Grenzler (M.A.)

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Benefit from our geographical expansion into the Rhineland's metroploregion and choose your study location: Hamm or Leverkusen - Now you can decide! If you have any questions, simply write to



  • Overview
All facts at a glance
Degree Bachelor of Science
Credit Points

180 CP

Duration of Study

6 semester (3 years)

Start Date

Annually, beginning 1st October and 1st March

Study Type Full time
Admission Requirements

One of the following:

  • General university entrance qualification
  • University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification
  • North Rhine-Westphalia extended university entrance qualification
  • For international applicants: university entrance qualification or equivalent

Additionally, we require proof of proficiency in English (for example, a TOEFL-level of 600 (pbT) / 80 (ibT), IELTS-level of 6.5 or an equivalent certification). No test required for students from countries with English as the offical language in education.


Important information: Please note your country-specific visa deadlines in order to start studying in Germany. We can only guarantee you a place at the university if you have a valid visa to study in Germany. Please contact the German embassy in your home country for exact deadlines.



Languages English
Enrolment fee

680 € per month + one-time registration fee of 750 Euro for students from non-EU countries. Please note: Non EU-citizens will be asked to pay the full amount of the fees in advance.


Our Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Management is accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) in Hannover, a foundation under public law.

Special feature

CORE - Competence Oriented Research and Education

The CORE principle is characterized by an active approach to education that promotes independent and project-based learning. In addition to gaining expert knowledge in their chosen discipline, students also develop comprehensive methodological, social, and personal skills - everything they need to launch a successful career.


Essential for Young Professionals: A Broad Range of Relevant Expertise, Including Management Skills

Our B.Sc. in Business Management provides students with in-depth knowledge in all core areas of business administration. They acquire professional skills, including key competencies, and learn to view both national economies and individual companies as components of a global economic system in which methods, facts, and numbers are just as important as social interaction. The following topics are included in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Management at SRH University Hamm:

  • Elements of digitization: Courses in Informatics, E-Business, SAP, Programming, and IT
  • Management skills and entrepreneurial know-how: Seminars in Corporate Management, Human Resources Management and Organisation
  • Personal development and soft skills: Courses in Self-Management, Presentation Techniques and Intercultural Competency.


This degree programme equips student for future positions in middle to upper management. Instructors use real-world case studies to convey relevant content. Students acquire knowledge and methodology while also honing their social and personal skills. These key competencies prepare them for the launch of successful careers in a dynamic business environment.


Courses are held at the SRH campus in Hamm. The programme runs for 6 semesters, equivalent to a study period of three years. Each course intensively examines a practical topic over a five-week period. Students take a maximum of two subjects per 5-week block. Learning objectives, course content, and examinations are all aligned. Our competency-based examinations are taken at the end of each 5-week block (eight to nine times a year). This regular testing means that students are given continuous feedback on their performance and are freed from having to study for multiple examinations. Through this approach to teaching and learning, content can be conveyed very effectively – and be better retained. The 6th semester is the final, practical semester in which students write their Bachelor’s thesis while participating in an internship. The practical orientation of this final semester allows students to establish personal professional relationships at interesting companies and with future employers – an important step on the path to a successful career.



The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Management – The Individual Modules


1. Semester
Credit Points
Block 1: Business Concept


Intercultural Compentences4
Introduction in Business Administration I (Creating a Business Plan)2
Introduction in Business Administration II2
Block 2: The Market
Mathematics I2
Microeconomics 4
Statistics I2
Block 3: Performance Output
Production Management3
Physical Distribution2
Mathematics II2
Credit Points per semester
2. Semester


Block 4: Marketing
Marketing & Sales6
Statistics II4
Block 5: Financial Planning I
Investment & Financing2
Cost & Performance Accounting I2
External Accounting I2
Mathematics III4
Block 6: From Theory into Practice
Academic Work & Presentation Techniques2
Project Management 2
Quality Management 2
Project Seminar I4
Credit Points per semester30
3. Semester
Block 7: Legal Basics
Public Law3
Private Economic & Commercial Law3
Company Law & Selected Economic Law 4
Block 8: Information Technology
Introduction in Computer Science2
Application Oriented Data Processing 3
Introduction in E-Business2
Programming & IT-Projects3
Block 9: Company Organisation
Human Resources & Organisation4
Business Management & Planning I2
Credit Points per semester30
4. Semester
Block 10: Financial Planning II
Quantitative Methods of Scientific Work2
Introduction of ERP-Systems2
External Accounting II3
Cost & Performance Accounting II3
Block 11: Financial Planning III
Company Taxation3
Block 12: Best Practice
Human Resources Management4
Project Seminar II6
Credit Points per semester30
5. Semester
Block 13: Business Management
Business Creation & Development6
Business Management & Planning II4
Block 14: International Business
International Business6
Economic Policy 4
Block 15: Finance Management & Business Psychology
Finance & Risk Management6
Business Psychology4
Credit Points per semester30
6. Semester
Block 16 - 17: Practical Experience
Block 18 - 19: Realisation
Bachelor's thesis incl. colloquium 16

Credit Points per semester




New Perspectives – the Innovative CORE Principle

Following successful completion of this Bachelor’s degree programme, students will be capable of taking on management responsibilities within a business environment. They will be able to support all levels of corporate management as well as assume managerial functions. They will be able to independently carry out technical tasks, apply sound management techniques, and, as part of a team, to collaborate, lead and delegate.


At SHR Hamm, our education includes the unique and innovative CORE principle. What makes this approach new and innovative is the modular structure of the curriculum, combined with the practical insight into a topic the courses provide and the associated competencies that students will acquire. Modules bundle subjects by topic and provide students sufficient time for independent study. This allows students to acquire in-depth knowledge that they will also be able to retain.


Application is Fast and Easy With our Online Application

If you land on our German application page, please click on the ‘English’ button at the upper right corner of your screen.

Once you’ve logged in, It’s easy to enter your data and upload certificates and other documents. Please note that final enrolment is subject to submission of all required documentation and payment in full of all tuition and fees.

There is no deadline for enrolment. You may apply whenever you choose. However, to ensure that the application process goes smoothly, we highly recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Important information: Please note your country-specific visa deadlines in order to start studying in Germany. We can only guarantee you a place at the university if you have a valid visa to study in Germany. Please contact the German embassy in your home country for exact deadlines.



Questions about the programme? Contact us.

Personal Guidance

Sarah Grenzler

Sarah Grenzler (M.A.)

Dozentin des Fachbereichs 'Technik und Wirtschaft'

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Research Assistant technology and economy
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
59065 Hamm
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