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Academics Supply Chain Management - M.Sc. distance learning
Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.)

distance learning English language

Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.)
distance learning

Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.) distance learning

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Sarah Grenzler (M.A.)

Benefit from our geographical expansion into the Rhineland's metroploregion: this study course will be handled over our new study location in Leverkusen! If you have any questions, simply write to or go to (an english version of the website is currently under construction)

Supply Chain Management refers to the strategic coordination along the Supply Chain both within and between companies. It aims to optimize the long-term efficiency and performance of individual companies as well as of the entire supply chain. Gaining a master’s degree in our distance learning course Supply Chain Management will enable you to take on the planning and managing of global value networks. After graduating from our distance learning logistics study course, designed to enable you to study while working, you will be able to analyse, optimise and develop business and material flow processes.

You want to ensure that the start of your studies goes smoothly? So do we! For organisational reasons we highly recommend that you hand in all necessary application documents (including certified copies of your certificates) as soon as possible, preferably several weeks before the course begins. This is particularly important for any forms we send you during the application process. While you can of course send in these documents at a later point, if we do not have them within a few weeks before the semester begins, documents such as your student I.D. may not be ready until after the start of the semester.      



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Your contact for this study programme

Sarah Grenzler (M.A.)

  • Overview
All facts at a glance
Degree Master of Science
Credit Points

120 CP

Duration of Study

4 semester (2 years)

Start Date

Winter semester (October 1st)

Study Type Distance learning
Admission Requirements


Admission requirements for the consecutive distance learning course (extra-occupational) Supply Chain Management:

Admission requirements for the consecutive distance learning course (extra-occupational) in “Supply Chain Management” is a completed university degree (bachelor’s) covering a minimum of 180 credits (ECTS) and primarily in logistics, business engineering, economics, information technology or similar fields of study

Additionally, we require proof of proficiency in English (for example IELTS 6.5, a TOEFL score of at least 600 (pbT) / 80 (ibT) or other proof such as through an interview). No test required for students from countries with English as the official language in education.



Languages English
Study fees

420 Euro per month (4 semester equal 2 years) and a one-time enrollment fee of 480 € (for registration, for non-EU-students: 750 €)


Our program in Supply Chain Management is accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) in Hannover, a foundation under public law.


We do not have designated enrolment periods, so you can apply anytime. However, to ensure a smooth application process and that you have sufficient time to prepare for your studies, we recommend an early application. This will save you a lot of time.

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is aimed at students with a bachelor’s degree in logistics, economics or a technical field of study.  The university is especially addressing professionals looking to optimise their career prospects and gain a master’s degree in two years alongside their work.


Success Factor Logistics The distance learning course Supply Chain Management will give you the ability to analyse existing business and IT processes and to plan, manage, and control new ones. In addition to a range of social competencies you will also gain the professional competence needed for process oriented thinking in global value chains. The entire course is designed to offer this alongside your working life.

The distance learning course Supply Chain Management focuses on management as well as on logistical processes and information systems for logistics in industry, retail and logistical services companies.

Professional supply chain management in companies can reduce costs, optimize results and efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. As a result, supply chain managers are in great demand in today’s economy. SRH University offers interdisciplinary know-how in the fields of strategic logistics management, supply chain operation, international management, process design and management, and big data, as well as training in social skills. Where enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are concerned, we primarily work with SAP.


Your course - classes in each semester

1. semester
International Management6
Strategic Logistics Management6
Process Design and Management6
Information Systems in Logistics6
Communication & Knowledge Management6
2. semester
Supply Chain Operation 6
Business Intelligence6
Operations Research6
Supply Chain Management Systems6
3. semester
International Commercial Law6
Enhanced IT-Applications6
Intercultural Competences6
4. semester
Masterthesis incl. Colloquium30
Credit Points needed each semester30
Total number of credit points needed



Our distance learning course Supply Chain Management is built on a holistic understanding of logistics management and expertise and is dedicated to a practical, business oriented approach. It is particularly suited to professionals working in purchasing, logistics or Supply Chain Management or production planning with technical and managerial responsibilities and is specifically designed to be taken while working in a career. Our distance learning course gives graduates a practical, applied qualification with a strong basis in science and prepares them for technical and managerial responsibilities in management careers in and international manufacturing, retail and logistics-related service companies.

The course offers an applied, practical professional training at the level of a master’s course and builds on your existing qualifications. The course’s pertinent and up-to-date content and different specialisations enable you to gain an excellent qualification and develop further on both a professional and personal level.  This allows you to further your career while continuing to work full- or part-time and receive an internationally recognised qualification in Supply Chain Management.

During your distance learning course you will learn evidence-based expertise on the process of designing and managing local and global supply and value chains, with reference to all influencing factors relevant to logistics, both within and outside of the company.

A further goal of your distance learning course Supply Chain Management is to give you the know-how and ability to work independently and practice-oriented in team and personnel management, in operative and strategic supply management as well as in participative and managing positions in information system implementation Projects.

Perspectives in logistics

An analysis of the labour market has shown the strong demand for qualified supply chain managers by industrial, retail, consulting, and software companies as well as by logistical service providers.

It is no longer only products or companies that compete with each other but entire supply chains and value networks. Central to the competitiveness of individual companies or whole value creation systems is the integration of the individual elements. This is where supply chain management plays a crucial role.  The integration is managed especially by designing holistic, integral processes and embedding these in information systems. Aside from the technical point of view, it is important to consider the human component and the related interpersonal approach in value systems. This mindset is reflected in the curriculum of our course.

Our study course builds on your existing qualifications while you continue to pursue your career. The  highly relevant and up-to-date course content is designed to offer you professional and personal development and qualifications. The distance learning program puts a special focus on four main specialisations:

  • Business and management,
  • Supply chain management (global logistics),
  • Information systems (especially ERP and SCM), and
  • Personal competencies / soft skills

This enables you to define your individual professional qualification profile required to carry out a large variety of tasks in companies in different industries. The distance learning course allows you to gain evidence-based expertise on the entire design and management of local and global supply chains – and all while you continue to work in your chosen career.  In the face of a growing need for companies to increase their efficiency due to ongoing globalisation processes, supply chain management concepts are of more relevance than ever. This means that companies are always on the lookout for highly qualified professionals able to identify and take advantage of opportunities and minimise risks in value and supply chains. 

Quick and easy – our online application

We do not have designated enrolment periods, so you can apply anytime. However, to ensure a smooth application process and that you have sufficient time to prepare your studies, we recommend an early application.

You can apply for one or several of our study courses online at Once you have registered, you can enter your data and upload certificates and other documents quickly and easily. We require:

  • Certified copies of your diploma or leaving certificate (proof of your higher education entrance qualification)
  • Signed curriculum vitae
  • Photo
  • De-registration certificate (for master’s degree programs)
  • Certified copy of your bachelor’s degree certificate (for master’s degree programs)


You can apply even before you have your general higher education entrance qualifications (Abitur, bachelor’s degree or similar). You can simply hand in all corresponding documents before beginning your studies.

SRH Hamm is offering market-leading distance learning courses from its study centre in Hamm, Germany since 10 years. The study program is recognized within Germany as one of the premium Supply Chain study courses for professionals wishing to further their career.

Lectures will take place as a combination of web lessons accessible via internet and on site courses designed in a way that the participants can keep on working fulltime.

The on-site courses take place at one of our study centres for distance learning. At present we are operating one centre in Hamm (Germany) and due to growing demand from South Asia we are opening a second study centre in Pune (Republic of India).

The teachers will be the same lecturing for our study centre in Germany as well as in India. The graduates studying at the India study centre will receive a Master’s degree identical with the ones issued presently at the German study centre.

 Study smarter – with the SRH Hamm distance learning model

Our university offers distance learning with a maximum of flexibility.

Our concept is supported by the use of up-to-date technology and perfectly suited software.

Do you have questions about the course? Please contact us!



Questions about the programme? Contact us.

Personal advice

Sarah Grenzler

Sarah Grenzler (M.A.)


Research Assistant technology and economy
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
59065 Hamm
Telephone +49 2381 9291 155 Send an email To profile

Professional advice

Prof. Dr. Gerd Wintermeyer

Professor technology and economy

Professor for logistics
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
59065 Hamm
Telephone +49 2381 9291-161 Send an email To profile

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