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For Students Exam administration

Our exam administration

General information

The exam administration is responsible for organizing bachelor and master exams and the tasks required by the study and examination regulations.

If you have any questions relating to examinations, you can always contact Mrs. Annette Heße, phone: 02381 9291 144 or via mail:

Form and duration of examination

The classic bachelor course embraces 180 credit points (CPs) altogether – distributed across various modules that the students need to attend and pass, and that can also vary in the type of examination. The CPs are meanwhile in no way related to grades. They stand for the work effort required from the student to pass their course. According to the German Rectors' Conference, the work effort required per CP amounts to 25 to 30 hours. With around 30 of these points ideally collected per semester, the bachelor course will as a rule take 6 of them.

The situation is similar to the master courses, only that the total number of CPs collected here is 120, as the course only includes 4 semesters.

Our exam administration staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have with regard to the examination modalities.

Exam deadlines

To keep up with the general standard, the university also offers its students the option of handling their exam registrations electronically. This has been based on the tool "CampusNet" since the 2013 winter semester.

The registration for exams needs to be completed by the deadline set by the university (3 weeks before the test). Deregistration from an exam needs to be completed one week before the respective exam date at the latest.

If a student is taken ill, he or she will need to file a medical certificate with the university up to one week after the exam date at the latest. If the certificate is provided on time, the student will not be failed. If an exam is missed without fault, the reason needs to be communicated immediately in writing and substantiated to avoid being failed.

In the absence of both a deregistration and medical certificate, a missed exam will be graded as "failed (5.0)".

Examination types

The examination types at SRH University of Logistics and Economics Hamm are highly varied.

Be it a classic exam, the realization of a project, writing of seminar papers, a viva voce or the presentation of elaborated results – they are all found in our examination portfolio.

The great variety of examination types makes sure that students are optimally prepared for all types of challenge in their later working lives. The bachelor thesis required to conclude the bachelor course is created over a period of 12 weeks (3 months) in a company, and then presented to the mentoring professors in the form of a colloquium.

The exact subject of the bachelor thesis is agreed with the company where it is being written.

The master thesis created at the end of the master course works in a similar way to the bachelor thesis, only that it needs to be created over a 26-week period (6 month-period), given its greater scope.