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University About us Vision and Commitment
SRH Flagge

Vision and Commitment

Our Vision What we believe in

THINK of being a MEMBER in a team with PASSION for LEARNING and with the same GOALS. THINK of being in a university that allows you to DEVELOP your individual STRENGTHS, travel new roads and FORGE your own FUTURE.


At SRH University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia YOU will be surrounded by FRIENDS and find yourself in a optimal LEARN and WORK environment. We support you INDIVIDUALLY on your way of becoming a successful PERSONALITY.

Code of Conduct


In the pursuit of its academic objectives, the SRH University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia observes the following guiding principles:

I. Championing individual liberty
We are convinced that individual liberty is the life elixir of a lively, dynamic and democratic society. Although guaranteed by the constitution, individual liberty won't just fall from the sky, but needs to be continuously fought for and asserted again and again. Which is why we value staff and students who see themselves as liberal, independent personalities, and champion the maintenance and defense of civil liberties and basic rights with moral courage while also always respecting the liberty of others.

II. Emphasizing self-determination
We believe that people can only fully realize their creativity, originality and personality if they are able to develop and design their life plan as autonomously as possible. We are therefore promoting individual self-determination and self-development in our university and universities of Applied Sciences, i.e. the ability to form an own opinion from facts, arrive at own, considered decisions, and represent them with firmness and self-control.

III. Promoting personal responsibility in social commitment
We bank on individual responsibility, a willingness to perform and private initiative being better suited for leading a self-determined, socially responsible life that benefits the common good than trusting in collective structures and solutions. Everyone is a unique personality and social being at one and the same time. This is why we promote the development of our students and staff into people who think and act on their own authority, and actively and independently shape their fate with self-confidence in their own abilities and in partnership with others.

IV. Tolerance and a cosmopolitan outlook
We welcome all employees and students who meet the subject-related requirements, approach others with tolerance and respect, and respect the values of our mission statement in their work at our universities, irrespective of their ethnic, religious and social background. We attach value to our students gaining experience abroad, and mediate intercultural competences.

V. Maintaining independence
We aim to ensure the party-political, religious and ideological neutrality of SRH universities and their independence from the economic interests of third parties, in order to cultivate a climate of intellectual independence and diversity where staff and students are able to freely develop, represent and realize their own opinions and ideas.

VI. Championing a social market economy and competition
Our guiding principle is a social market economy that combines individual liberty, the dynamic of industry, and mutual social equalization. We are convinced that a market economy that is as free from state intervention as possible is better suited than any other system to promote individual prosperity, solidarity with others and a just society with its key elements of freedom of contract, private property and competition. We would therefore like to contribute to the understanding, maintenance and strengthening of the market economy in our country with and in our universities, and to enable our students to successfully prove themselves in the global competition of markets while remaining aware of their social responsibility.

VII. Running the university as a business
We are convinced that our universities will only be able to live the aforementioned values and better address and meet the scientific challenges they face more flexibly and quickly if they are run as a business. This calls for strong entrepreneurial personalities who are willing to assume personal responsibility for the welfare of the enterprise entrusted to them, to seek their own way to success, and then even pursue it if that should be attended by difficulties and obstacles.