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University FAQs
Kleist-Forum Hochschule


The SRH Hochschule Hamm

The SRH Hamm is part of the non-profit foundation SRH Holding, a leading provider of educational and health services. It is a private, state-recognized university, offering compactly designed and application-oriented study courses in logistics, energy management, business studies, social sciences, and psychology.

Our university offers a highly qualified education, small learning groups, studies closely aligned to best practices, and high success rates for our graduates. We guide our students to become future leaders in business and industry, able to take advantage of the growing market for business jobs in technological and social science fields. Our study courses are very much focused on promising industries.

Yes, all study programs are fully accredited and state-recognised.

If you fulfil the admission requirements of the other university, you can apply with your SRH degree.

The CORE principle is characterized by active learning methods that promote independent and project-based learning. Beside expert knowledge in their field of study, our students also develop comprehensive methodological, social and personal skills - everthing they need for the working world.

Learn more about the CORE-Principle here: The CORE-Principle


Applications are handled by way of the university's application portal at

You need to register and create a user account before uploading the following documents:

• Certified copy of your last school-leaving certificate acquired abroad as well as your university diploma (bachelor or equivalent certificate) and the Transcript of Records (translated into German). If the certificates are in English, no translation will be necessary. Before applying, applicants from abroad should visit first to check if their foreign school-leaving certificate qualifies them for enrolment in a German university of applied sciences.

• Your CV

• A picture

• Health insurance: foreign students will also need to produce proof of their health insurance at the university. This is mandatory for enrolment, but not for the application. You can either take out a student health insurance from a statutory health insurance company of your choice, or have a confirmation of the existing health insurance issued in your home country (only applicable for the EU).

• You will need a B2 proficiency level certificate in German language to attend a study in a German taught study program at SRH University. Please arrange for a language course in time, if required.

The study contract will only come into force once all the records and certificates have been received by the university, and the fees have been fully paid in advance.

For English courses:

If your official study language is not English, you require proof of proficiency in English (for example IELTS 6.6/ Toefl 800 or equivalent/interview). No test required for students from countries with English as the official language in education.

For German courses:

You will need a B2 proficiency level certificate in German language to attend a study in a German taught study program at SRH University. Please arrange for a language course in time, if required.

We don’t have an official deadline.

However, due to the duration of the visa process applicants after 15th of January (summer intake) or 15th of July (winter intake) won’t be able to receive their visa on time and thus study at the university.

Your study and the time after

A bachelor degree takes 3 years, a master program is two years.

This is different for MIBE and SCM students. The information can be accessed once you are enrolled and have a proper CampusNet account.

This is different for MIBE and SCM students. The information can be accessed once you are enrolled and have a proper CampusNet account. Usually, August is the long semester break, but please check before booking any flights.

Most students network during their studies and are able to find a place this way. Please be advised to start your search early. Most companies are desperately looking for students; the success of your application is linked directly to your level or German.

If you cannot find a company, our professors will try their best to find a place for you through their network. However, we do not guarantee this.

The university uses two systems, CampusNet and Ilias. You will get an introduction suring your starter week where all of this will be explained?

We will do everything in our hands for that to not be the case. However, if you do wish to drop out, we would refund the appropriate proportion of the remaining sum minus the one- off enrolment fees.

Study fees and financing

Please take a look at this table to get the relevant information for the degree that you are interested in:

Study fees

International students pay the whole amount for the duration of the degree in advance. Unfortunately, we’re not able to accept payment in instalments. The bank details will be mailed to you with the study contract.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer scholarships or student loans for international students.

Everything around your stay in Germany

Hamm is a city of app. 180.000 inhabitants. The city has been awarded the title of "Logistics Centre of 2014 in NRW". Close to the main German highways A1 and A2, you can find numerous big logistics companies.

For more info on Hamm, please refer to our website: Campus Life

Close to the Ruhr area, Hamm is your gateway to history and culture in the area. All the information on events, museums and festivals you can find here:

The university is working together with a few partners that offer student accommodation between €300 and €400. We will send you the information via email once your application process is complete.

Please note that these are very rough estimates. Accommodation: Your accommodation can cost around 250 to 350 Euros per month, depending upon the single or double occupancy.

Health insurance: Health insurance can cost around 90 Euros per month. Insurance rates for students are currently about 75 Euro per month.

Food and other expenses: As Hamm is a relatively economic city to live in, you need to set aside another 250 to 300 Euros for food and other expenses.

Since you will be receiving the semester travel ticket, study related conveyance will be free. The ticket is valid for free travel in the state of North Rhine Westphalia for using regional trains and buses during the course.

Depending on your individual’s life style and needs, you may need a minimum of about 700 to 750 Euros per month.

If you are planning to travel to Germany by plane, we recommend to choose Frankfurt Airport (FRA) or Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) as destination.

There is a very good train connection to Hamm Westfalen Hbf. In Germany the 'Deutsche Bahn' (DB) is the biggest rail provider. Travelling with the DB from Düsseldorf Airport there is a direct train connection to Hamm Westfalen (duration approx.: 85 minutes).

Staring your journey from Frankfurt Airport you have several options to choose from. But please note that you will have to change the train at least once (duration approx.: 240 minutes).

Before you take a train to Hamm, please make sure to have a valid ticket. You can purchase a train ticket using one of the following two ways: either by buying a ticket from an automatic ticket machine at the train station, or by buying an online ticket before your arrival. You can save the train ticket as an online ticket (PDF) on your mobile device, load it into the DB Navigator app or take it with you on your journey as a printout.

You can choose between a regional train called 'RE' or a long-distance, inter city express train called 'IC' or 'ICE'. Please find more information on all booking option of the Deutsche Bahn, payment methods, ticket exchange and refund as well as your passenger rights here.

Another option to travel to Hamm City is via a private shuttle service.

A valid German health insurance is crucial for your visa status. By law we can only enroll you, if you can show proof of a German health insurance. For enrollment purposes, travel insurance is NOT sufficient. However, you will need travel insurance for visa purposes in India.

SLR has excellent links to a health insurance that offers a deal with free travel insurance. We collaborate with the governmental insurance company TK and can offer you health insurance for about 90 Euro per month and free travel insurance.

We will send you more detailed info after you’ve received your letter of admission.

You can find more information about the German health insurance system here:

Please be advised that we cannot help with getting an appointment or speeding the visa process up.

Here you can find all the information about a student visa:






As of August 2012 international students who do not come from the EU or EEA are allowed to work 120 full or 240 half days in a year. To do this they do not need authorisation from the Employment Agency, i.e. the German authorities. International students who do not come from the EU cannot go self- employed or work freelance!

Your level of German will decide if and where you can find a job.

For more information, please refer to:



Both master programs are practice- oriented and well- regarded by the business world in the area.

Your level of German will decide if and where you can find a job. SRH has several courses and activities to prepare you for a successful career in Germany: we offer application training, excursions to companies, etc. We do not (yet) have staff that coordinates job searches for students, unfortunately.

MIBE: A German course is part of your studies and incorporated in your timetable.

SCM: Students of this degree can enrol with our partner VHS (in the same building) for a German course. Costs are around € 135 for 90 hours.

Yes, the four programms Business Administration (B.Sc.), Supply Chain Management (B.Sc.), Internationional Business and Engineering (M. Eng.) and Suppply Chain Management (M.Sc.) are in English.

Please download the applicable document from our download section under:

Download Area