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Application procedure for students from abroad

The process for foreign applicants wishing to study at our university is subject to specific requirements, which we would like to outline here briefly to ensure a smooth start for your studies.

University entrance qualifications for EU citizens

Basic requirements: you will need a school-leaving certificate that qualifies you for a university education in your home country. EU-citizens won't need a residence permit or visa to study in Germany, but will need to register with the registry office. They need to prove that they can finance their studies independently and have health insurance. See also the information further below.

University entrance qualifications for non-EU citizens

Basic requirements for students from non-EU member states: the school-leaving certificate from your home country needs to be equivalent to the German (vocational) baccalaureate diploma and qualify you for university in your home country. If your school-leaving certificate is comparable with the German (vocational) baccalaureate diploma, you can apply for our university – as long as you have the required German language skills. Students are often required, however, to show a university degree and a specific number of academic years in addition to their school-leaving certificate to enroll for a course. This university degree from your home country will often need to be in the same subject as the course you want to apply for in Germany. Some courses may also require you to have attended a preparatory college and passed a corresponding admission examination. More information about the recognition of foreign certificates and preparatory college is available at the following links.

Tuition fees

Students who are not EU citizens need to pay their tuition fees for the first two semesters in advance, unless they are able to prove that they have been living in Germany for more than five years.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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