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University News

exciting news from SRH campus Hamm

SRH University Hamm awards Bonus to the Winners of Logistics-Research Competition

v.l.: Jay Patel, Aniket Vishwasrao, Stefan Geißler, Kartik Soni, Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke, Nitin Aryal, Laura Isenbeck, Rushikesh Kothavale, Sarah Grenzler –missing: student und participant Prabhakaran Kiran Kumar

The SRH University Hamm honoured six Indian students of the Master’s degree program „Supply Chain Management“ who had won a research competition held at the network meeting of the International Sustainable Logistics Conference (ISLC). The students presented their project at the conference which was held between the 13th and 15th of February at the French university “IUT Quimper”. Their achievement and outstanding dedication were given additional recognition by Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke, dean of the “Technology and Business” faculty, and Stefan Geißler, administrative director of the SRH University Hamm, The six students had invested a lot of time and energy in their research and in an extensive search of the literature for their well-deserved win in the EU-wide logistics research competition . As well as being given first place by the ISLC, their efforts were also honoured by the SRH Hamm by awarding the students a special bonus.

The annual research competition held by the ISLC invites young scientists and students to take part and research a given topic from the core area of sustainable logistics . The participants then present their results to an expert jury at a conference, which then judges the submissions and designates the winners. In their presentation on “How to plan sustainable transport into remote areas” the students introduced a detailed and sophisticated logistics plan, which takes the transport of both people and goods through different geological terrain into consideration – and uses only renewable energy.

The EU-wide research competition is held by the ISLC-network, whose network of members from different universities with logistics programs in the EU. The SRH University Hamm is a founding member of the ISLC und has organized and held the conference in 2011. Prof. Wilke is very proud that students of his department won the competition. “Research is a central part of the academic education of our students. That our SCM-students won a EU-wide research competition also offers strong support for our multifaceted teaching concept.”

Cooperation between SRH and EnergyAgency.NRW

Photo (l.t.r.): Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke, Shantanu Datta and Stephanus Lintker - photo: pr

The SRH University Hamm gave a presentation to the EnergyAgency.NRW in Düsseldorf as part of a workshop titled 'Interconnected in India – specialist workshop on the energy and commodity market in India.' During his 30-minute talk, Shantanu Datta, a SRH-student of the Master in International Business and Engineering (MIBE) course, offered insights into the special characteristics of the market for renewable energy and the tendering process in India. He also described current developments, such as the creation of 100 smart cities in India.

The workshop was part of helping interested companies to prepare for a delegation trip, 'NRW goes to India 2019', planned in February by Prof. Dr. Pinkwart, the state minister for Economic Affairs, Digitization, Innovation and Energy in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Stephanus Lintker, Director of International Relations at the EnergyAgency.NRW was pleased with the wealth of information provided by Mr. Datta. The SRH University and the EnergyAgency.NRW are now looking to work together more closely in form of projects with Master’s students.

Celebrating 190 Bachelor’s and Master’s Graduates - The 11th Academic Graduation Ceremony of the SRH Hamm

Graduates of SRH University Hamm 2018 on stage

On Saturday, 10 November 2018, the SRH University Hamm celebrated its largest graduating class to date with 190 students in the celebration hall ‘Maximilianhalle’ in Hamm. 117 students were awarded their bachelor’s degree and a further 73 students received their master’s degree during the ceremony. “Compared to last year our graduating class has increased by about 50 percent. This is due to students from the Department of Social Sciences graduating for the first time,” explains SRH rector Prof. Dr. Lars Meierling.

As part of his welcoming address, Meierling pointed out the growing significance of the SRH University Hamm to the region. Hamm’s Lord Mayor Thomas Hunsteger-Petermann and Prof. Dr. Jutta Lommatzsch of the Academic Society Hamm also extended their congratulations. The university welcomed a very special international guest in the Indonesian ambassador, who likewise congratulated the students and emphasized that the high percentage of international students of the SRH Hamm and the corresponding range of offered courses was also of interest to Indonesia.

Not least due to this increasing internationalisation, the SRH Hamm has developed the integration project ‘ALLSTAY 4.0’. This is an innovative four stage social integration model aimed at ensuring that the university’s international students can not only study at the SRH Hamm but also permanently live and work as professionals in Germany. The project name stands for Arrive, Learn, Live, and STAY.

This year’s graduates celebrated deep into the night. Three students had a particular reason for celebrating: Sebastian Helm (Bachelor of Arts), Jan Hölting (Bachelor of Science) and Marcel Linnemann (Master of Science). The three young men received a special award from their faculty deans, Prof. Dr. Johannes Emmerich and Prof. Dr. Claus Wilke, for completing their studies with top grades. “We are happy with and for our graduates and want to say ‘thank you’ for the trust you have placed in us. We are proud to have been a part of your personal development journey and we wish you every success for the future”, said Prof. Dr. Wilke.

Pioneering Role in the Hamm Region - SRH Develops Integration Project ALLSTAY 4.0

SRH rector, Prof. Dr. Lars Meierling and Prof. Dr. Bernd Benikowski from the Department of Social Sciences with some of the international students of SRH campus Hamm

As part of an ongoing internationalisation strategy the SRH university Hamm introduced the ALLSTAY 4.0 project, an innovative four stage social integration model aimed at ensuring that the university’s international students can not only study at the SRH in Hamm but also permanently live and work as professionals here in Germany. The project name stands for Arrive, Learn, Live, and STAY.

The project has been driven by the fact that the SRH University Hamm has accepted 80 international students and wants to help them integrate in and beyond their student life. The international students are not here simply for an exchange semester but study full courses, for example in global logistics or international management. In the winter semester of 20198/2019, 50 young adults from different countries came to the SRH. Most are from India, Paraguay, and China; but other European countries are also represented.

The university has not only managed to convince these students to leave their home countries and, in many cases, change continents, but also to come to Hamm and study here. “We support our international students from the very beginning, be it helping with their visas or looking for a place to stay,” says SRH rector Prof. Dr. Lars Meierling. He adds: “Although Hamm may not be the first place people looking to study in Germany think of, the many international students living here have further enhanced and added value to the region.” Meierling believes the project offers excellent opportunities for companies. “When our international students get their master’s degree after two years time, companies will have access to professional candidates that ideally are already proficient in the German language and understand the local culture and work norms. Companies do not have to invest in the integration process, because we as a university have already actively assisted in this,” the rector explains the core differentiating characteristic of ALLSTAY 4.0.

Professional and scientific support for the necessary steps comes from the university’s own ranks. Prof. Dr. Bernd Benikowski from the Department of Social Sciences brings his considerable expertise in the field of integration to the development of the next subprojects. As well as offering first-class teaching, he will coordinate the integration into the regional social environment to enable a cultural exchange and increase the mutual cultural understanding. “We want to achieve a systemic integration as well as a social one. To achieve this we are currently in talks with potential partners from local businesses and industry.” The goal is to “push towards early networking and an intercultural understanding with suitable companies and thereby to create future prospects to remain in the region long-term,” explains Benikowski.

The project volume planned by the SRH will be financed in part from the university’s own funds as well as support by external project partners. In the coming weeks and months, the SRH plans a range of collaborations, events and support services that ensure a scientifically substantiated and sustained integration. “We want to be a leading example in this area,” concludes Meierling.

Christmas with a twist – SRH University Hamm celebrates the Indian Festival of Lights

In colorful clothes and traditional Indian music, SRH-students celebrate 'Diwali' - photo: SRH Hamm

On 14 November 2018 the SRH university Hamm celebrated the Indian Festival of Lights, Diwali, with traditional Indian music and colourful clothes. Diwali is an important Hindu celebration, comparable to Christmas in Christianity. It was celebrated for the first time this year at the university.

The reason for celebrating Diwali are the SRH university’s roughly 65 Indian students. It is part of the new integration project “ALLSTAY 4.0”, which was introduced at the start of the winter semester 2018/2019. ALLSTAY is an innovative social integration model aimed at helping foreign students to settle in. The project name stands for arrive, learn, live and stay. It is designed to support students wishing to permanently live and work as professionals in Germany.

Diwali was celebrated not only by the SRH and its students, guests from outside the university were also invited to partake in this intercultural event. “We are happy that we can bring a little of our home to Hamm and share our culture with others” Pradeep Manjunath says about himself and his fellow Indian students.

“Diwali stands for ‘Deepawali’ and be translated as swarm of lights,” explains Pradeep. Traditionally, new lamps are bought and old ones are discarded on Diwali. According to tradition, the new lamps help the souls of the dead to find their way to Nirwana. The celebration saw the university decked out with festive lamps and string lights. “We don’t just want to help our students integrate in Germany but also offer them a piece of home here. We aim is to facilitate early networking as well as intercultural understanding, not least with suitable local companies,” SRH university rector Prof. Dr. Lars Meierling sums up the core idea behind ALLSTAY.

SRH University Hamm welcomes Indian students – From 0 to round 10 %: our internationalisation strategy proving successful

Big announcement at the welcoming event: a classroom was renamed from ‚Los Angeles’ to ‘Mumbai’ - photo: SRH Hamm

On 15 October 2018, SRH rector Prof. Dr. Lars Meierling welcomed the new students of the master’s program ‚International Management and Engineering’ and ‘Supply Chain Management’ to the university. These programs are held completely in English. As well as addressing the 48 newly started students, Meierling also greeted the international students that had started their studies at the SRH University in Hamm in a previous semester. There are now about 80 foreign students studying at the SRH, making up approximately 10% of all students. They are mostly from India, Paraguay, and China but also from other European countries.

As part of his speech, the rector introduced the new integration project ‘ALLSTAY 4.0’. ‘ALLSTAY’ is an innovative four stage social integration model aimed at ensuring that international students can not only study at the SRH in Hamm, but also permanently live and work as professionals here in Germany. The project name stands for arrive, learn, live and stay. As Meierling points out, it is by no means an everyday occurrence that so many people move to a new continent to study in Hamm. “We want to stay connected with you in the heart,” the rector told the students.

As part of the welcoming event the university and in recognition of the Asian students, a classroom was renamed from ‚Los Angeles’ to ‘Mumbai’. The new name was the result of a survey among the Indian students. They were asked to hand in suggestions for the name of an Indian city and then to choose among the two most named cities. ‚Mumbai‘ was the winner by a wide margin.

Alongside the international students, the university also welcomed the students beginning the new bachelor’s program ‚Work and Organizational Psychology’.



SRH students from India experience German football culture at the BVB – SRH Hamm visits Germany’s largest stadium

Posing on the yellow press wall of the BVB: Five master’s students of MIBE, eight of their fellow students and two SRH lecturers on a tour of the BVB-stadium in Dortmund - photo: SRH Hamm

On 12 October 2017, student life kicked off with a highlight for the first five Indian students at the SRH University Hamm and their German peers.

Five master’s students of ’International Business and Engineering (M.Eng)’ (MIBE) and eight of their fellow students from the SRH program Business Administration, Energy Management, and Social Work as well as two SRH lecturers went on a tour of the BVB-stadium in Dortmund. This trip to the Signal Iduna Park was designed to not only let the students get to know each other, but also to foster a better understanding between the two cultures. The close vicinity of the SRH University in Hamm to the Ruhr area offered the perfect opportunity to visit the most famous football club of the region, the Dortmund club BVB. This was a big highlight for the Indian students. “We know Borussia Dortmund at home, but to actually be here live is just brilliant!”, said MIBE-student Pradeep Manjunath.

As well as a tour of the stadium, which included seeing the team locker room and going through the players’ tunnel to the BVB dugout, the day’s game plan included a visit to the ‘Borusseum’, the club’s museum. “Our German students also showed a lot of interest in going on this excursion. That the trip has been such a success with everybody just makes us even happier”, Laura Isenbeck, a research assistant from the SRH management department, summed up the trip.

The excursion to Dortmund was only the start for the five Indian students. The international master’s program, which was developed in cooperation with the SRH Heidelberg, is offered at both universities in the summer semester 2018. Prospective students can apply with the SRH Hamm or Heidelberg and complete their master’s degree in ‘International Business and Engineering (M.Eng)’ both there and in Hamm. For the SRH University Hamm, this cooperation is a further step in their internationalization process.